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"Powerful Remains"

This piece was inspired by the Venetian Lions, and what they represented in terms of power and strength in Venice. Proud lions are everywhere; a prominent feature of Venetian architecture they are most commonly associated with Venetian territory around the Mediterranean, symbolising dominance over the seas and demonstrating humanity’s fierce determination and ability to invent a sustainable environment inside a habitat whose very nature is instability. In this work I discuss the irony of this symbolic reference faced with the city's vulnerability and the entropic effects of exceptionally high water. I question the triumphant city's ability to remain victorious while faced with its most eminent battle of all; Man vs. nature. In preparing for the print I made sketches of the lion and swamped the drawing with water. I then eroded the surface with sandpaper to imitate a disturbed and deteriorative surface, collapsing into a sea. With the Dubris of the sketch still on the paper, I photographed and transferred the image on to the litho stone, further etching into the surface of the drawing to give the lion a broken and shattered existence. The print is entitled "Powerful Remains" Image size: Tiepolo Fabriano paper Edition 1 of 6

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