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'Modern Captivity' - September - October 2020

"Modern Captivity" - September - October 2020

' Modern Captivity' is Maria's first solo exhibition - It is now open for viewing until the end of October, in the Mitchel Hall building on Spike Island.

This exhibition represents almost a decade of Maria’s artistic evolution, revealing her early focus on architecture, drawing, and mapping, to her introduction of layering, bold gestures, sweeps of colour, and collaged elements.

‘Modern Captivity’ refers to the various forms captivity can take; both physical and psychological. The feeling of entrapment threads throughout the artwork, using constant transformation to reference the overwhelming nature of modern society and its isolating effect.

Spike Island is open 7 days a week. Bookings can be made at

For all enquires please contact:

+353 21 237 3455

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