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New York Gallery Article

URBAN SERIES ; Portals of Perception

Publication by Agora Gallery, NYC

Maria O’ Sullivan’s works are restless imagings of the world. Each composition - sometimes collage, acrylic paint, digital, charcoal or ink – shows structures and scenes shifted into something new.

O’ Sullivan layers textures in her muted pieces to create moody scenes of urban development and the increasingly abstract world we inhabit. Each stroke builds a sense of chaos and motion. Dark geometric lines are inscribed on paper, bursting in and out of structures. Maps and urban planning inform O’ Sullivan’s multifaceted images. Hard lines cross each image while irregular textures and strokes build intricate shapes above and below the schematic representations.

O’ Sullivan often lets her mind and body wander, never stagnant she creates each piece. She believes that “as my mindset shifts so does my drawing”.

A native of Ireland, O’ Sullivan emphasizes uncertainty and indecision in her work manifesting the many paths life can take. Her work capitalizes on a futurist sensibility and system of complex patterns to create dense reflections of urban space.


Limited Edition Prints are available to view at Cork Airport for the month of February.

Each Original Print is hand signed & numbered

- €175 unframed

- €280 framed

To order:


Phone: +353 871091292

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