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New Work Update

The way we see artwork often reflects the way we see the world.

As I explore what is impending in my landscapes– there seems to be a continuous struggle between construction and demolition.

Strength in rebuilding structure and regaining stability vs the fragility of a space is evident in the historical scars of a landscape; it is these contradictions that fascinate me in terms of an individual and universal observation.

The presence of nature and figures in these small canvas studies symbolize a constant resurrection or rebirth.

Simple metaphors and paradoxes echo an internal flux where suggestions of new life and adaptation within the imagery are tainted by the dual existence of a journey into unexplored territory and emotional disposition.

The ballerina has been perceived as the embodiment of beauty and grace- the feminine ideal. But the reality is another story. This emphasis on perfection is often plagued by a internal suffering and inability to break free from a caged or puppet like existence in 'Release me'. The confrontational stare vs the retreating ballet dancer in 'I see you' suggests things aren't always as they seem.

The butterfly in 'Flux' is a powerful representation of life, endurance, change and hope - however in the Chaos Theory the Butterfly Effect metaphorically concludes that a simple movement like that of a flapping wing can give rise to a tornado somewhere else- suggesting that small events can have very large effects.

While the Hummingbird in 'Bloom' is a constant reminder that "the sweetest nectar is within".

The clock in 'Impending' references our impending future, acting as a reminder of the current state of our environment; whilst the moon is a universal symbol of immortality and eternity, representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle.

In 'Bloom', the Rose, in its darkened colour may be associated with loss and mortality however it can also be linked to new beginnings, over coming struggle and embarking on a new journey.

Each piece is created in conjunction with the next. weaving together a personal narrative and universal ideals to construct a complex portrait of a city and its people in a state of transition.

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